COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device

COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device

The SARS-COV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Device is a rapid visual immunoassay for the qualitative, presumptive detection of COVID-19 antigens form throat swabs and nasopharyngeal swab specimens.

It is intended to be used by professionals as a test and provides a preliminary test result to aid in the diagnosis of infection with novel Coronavirus.

Any interpretation or use of this preliminary test result must also rely on other clinical findings as well as on the professional judgment of health care providers. Alternative test method(s) should be considered to confirm the test result obtained by this test.

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20 test cassette
20 sterile swabs
20 single extraction buffer
1 package insert
1 quick referance guide


Brand Funworld Certificate CE , ISO13485
Specimen Nasopharyngeal swabs/ Nasal swab Contents Cassette , Buffer  , sterile swabs Package insert
Reading time 10 minutes Pack 20 T
Storage 2-30℃ Shelf life 2 Years


Product describtion Specimen Format Pack Certificate
SARS-COV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Nasopharyngeal swabs/ Nasal swab Cassette 20 T CE , ISO13485
COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Nasopharyngeal swabs/ Nasal swab Cassette 20 T CE , ISO13485


The kit should be stored at 2-30°C until the expiry date printed on the sealed pouch.

The test must remain in the sealed pouch until use.

Do not freeze.

Care should be taken to protect the components of the kit from contamination. Do not use if there is evidence of microbial contamination or precipitation. Biological contamination of dispensing equipment, containers or reagents can lead to false results.

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