About Us

Who We Are?

Hanzhou Funworld Biotech Co., LTD. was established in June 2020. The founder of company has over 20 years experience in IVD field and is devoted to developing new detection products and production. He has successively developed HIV ,HBV ,Syphilis, HCV ,COVID-19 AB/AG, FLU, other infectious disease, myocardial markers detection products, as well as the mainstream of DOA detection products.
Our factory covers an area of 9000 square meters, of which clean area is about 500 square meters,general region is about 3000 square meters. With an annual production capacity of 100 million doses. At present, we have 30 management staff. And we still look forward to more talented people to join us.


What We Do ?

As new company, we will keep researching and innovation, keep learning the international leading technology, to meet the needs of market.

Our Main products:

1. COVID Rapid Test Kits.
2. Fertility Test Kits.
3. Infectious DiseaseTest Kits.

4. Tumor Marker Test Kits.
5. Cardiac Marker Test Kits.
6. Drug Of Abuse Test Kits.

Our Team

We are a professional team. Many members have many years’ experience in IVD field.

We are a team devote ourselves to innovate more detection products.

We are a team own our dream. Though we are gather together from different places, but we have one dream, that is to make reliable detection products to our customers.


1.Company development principle: Market oriented, business centric, profit targeted.
2.Business service concept: What you need is our pursuit. What we can offer is our professional service.
3.Company management principle: People Oriented, keep innovating, keep making progress.

Company Culture: Company's development is closely connected to its culture. Integrity, innovation, gumption, and progress is the spirit of our company. Here you can get to know an excellent team, work in unity and cooperation. Company values talents, offers good vocational training and promotion . Combine with advanced management concepts , we strive to become an advanced biotech company in China.