In the first summer after the unblocking, the sun has never been so beautiful, and everyone took their families and family to travel and swim in the lake.
However, health experts around the world have been alerted recently, and Omicron BA5, which is currently infected far faster than other variants, has become the dominant strain in many countries!
Some scholars have researched that BA5 has the ability to cause repeated infections within a few weeks!
More and more people, infected with BA.2, were infected with BA.5 after 4 weeks. That is to say, no matter how strong the immunity is, BA.4/BA.5 will always be able to break through the barriers, no matter the previous infection with the new crown, which has led some experts to start calling BA.5 the most contagious strain to date !
My friend just tested positive in early June and turned negative in 5 days, but he tested positive again in early July!
In today’s rampant BA.5, such situations will only increase!
Last Tuesday, the CDC announced that BA.5 has become the dominant strain in the United States.
Dr. Christopher Labos, an infectious disease specialist in Montreal, said BA.4/BA.5 could soon become the dominant strain in Canada.
The outbreak in Canada is also surging to the naked eye – the level of COVID-19 in Ontario’s wastewater has reached half of the peak of the last Omicron outbreak, and will peak in the next few weeks!
“These numbers are not good news. We are seeing a significant increase in wastewater monitoring signals,” said University of Ottawa professor Robert Delatolla.
Wastewater surveillance data is seen as a leading indicator of infections and hospitalizations.
“I think there needs to be better communication right now to let people know that people can make decisions based on their behavior. When to wear a mask, whether to go to certain events, whether to wear a mask when participating in those events, etc.,” Delatolla said.
However, in this era when the new crown is dubbed by most people as the big cold, more and more people have let their guard down.
In an unknown corner, being infected with the new crown may change a person’s life.
In front of such a terrible BA.5 variant, whether to wear a mask has become a question for everyone. What do you think?

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