HPV Testing Market

HPV detection is one of the most widely used clinical products in the field of molecular diagnosis, and it is a good project for manufacturers, agents and hospitals to make money.
From a regulatory point of view, China’s two cancer screenings since 2009 have direct requirements for detection volume and coverage. In July, the WHO released the latest cervical cancer screening guidelines, suggesting that women should start screening at the age of 30, and HPV is the first choice. DNA primary screening, screening every 5-10 years.
From a technical point of view, PCR, hybridization, sequencing, mass spectrometry, and microarray are quite a few. The diversity of technologies creates the diversity of detection platforms.
From the product point of view, HPV DNA detection products have undergone changes from no typing, partial typing (16/18), extended typing (16/18/45/31, etc.) to typing and quantification; when international brands When emphasizing the criterion of cutoff value, the direct full typing of domestic manufacturers dominates.
The basis of all this is clear clinical significance: persistent infection of high-risk HPV virus is the main culprit in causing cervical cancer, a cancer that can be prevented early and is expected to be eliminated.
We are also trying to apply new technologies to enter this field, and our products are coming soon.

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